The Sole F85 Treadmill On Display

The Sole F85 Treadmill has been deemed one of the best folding treadmills on the planet.

Updated: We are in the progress of updating this review to cover feed-back from our readers.

It has also been deemed a “best buy” in the fitness machine industry. It’s one of the best reviewed running machines around.This is because this particular model is SOLE’s best seller. This treadmill is popular because it incorporates all the product specifications of the SOLE’s previous model, F83 in addition to featuring one of the highest horse power motors that the company has to offer. This is truly an impressive motor featuring a Continuous Duty HP motor of 4.0 and output that can’t be matched. This is at top of the line treadmill that cannot be beat by any other company.


It features the best of the best in terms of motor and quality.

The Sole F85 Features A 22′ Inch Wide Running Surface

Some other aspects that make the F85 harder to compete with include the 22′ inch wide running surface.


This wide running surface is comfortable for any type of runner. This makes it one of the best folding treadmills, it is unheard of to offer such a wide running surface, yet still fold up. The controls allow you to speed up to twelve mph with just the tough of a button. In addition to a wide surface and twelve mph speed, this treadmill also can handle runners up to 400lbs. This truly is a game changer in the treadmill industry. The Sole F85 has six auto programs as well as the ability to feature customized workouts for up to two people. It offers heart rate control programs for up to two users as well. The SOLE comes fully equipped with the usual programs found on treadmills all featuring customization.

You will not miss out on anything with this treadmill.

Monitoring Your Heart Rate

When it comes to the control options for the heart-rate you it will automatically calculate what your recommended target range should be according to your age.


This saves you a lot of unnecessary math. This allows you a comfortable, safe, and efficient workout. In addition to the heart –rate calculator other features offer a low-noise deck as well as shock absorption treadmill deck that is cushion flex. The belt is of commercial grade and there is a low-profile running hood. The treadmill also comes with incline controls as well as speed controls on the arm rests to help control the machine better. While working up a sweat you can certainly enjoy the built in cooling fans that have been added for user comfort.

The console of the treadmill features a user friendly vibrant display along with a message board. The message board offers clear instructions for the programs being used as well as feedback. Information such as speed, incline, distance, calories, pulse, pace, and time are always featured. In addition to the display there is also a ¼ mile track and a Peak and Valley graph that comes with different programs. The console of the treadmill also offers built in speakers that allow an MP3 or iPod hook up so that a user can listen to their own music while working out.

These are just some of the features that truly set the F85 apart from other machines.

Other Features

The belts used for the SOLE f85 are woven twice and feature a 2 ply.

There are four layers of belts on the treadmill. Two of the layers are rubber that is laid over the middle PVC layer. The PVC layer has a nylon backing that then rolls over the rollers and the deck. The rubber is a standard in all treadmills as it provides durability. The PVC belt is what stops the actual belt from over-stretching. The nylon allows for a smooth surface so belt can glide easily over the deck and the rollers. Another feature is that the frames of the treadmill are so sturdy, that they are actually bullet proof. The frames are made of an epoxy powder coated paint that is baked into the appliance to complete the durability. This type of finish protects the construction of the all-steel frame. The steel is welded, not bolted which makes a big difference (Insider training, Runner’s World).

It makes the frames indestructible allowing for a lifetime warranty on the treadmill.

When it comes to treadmills it does not get better than the F85 SOLE. This treadmill offers the best in technology, innovation, style, and ease of use. From the message board to the bullet proof frames the treadmill is virtually indestructible. To think that this piece of equipment is also able to fold up is amazing itself. When it comes to the fitness industry, the SOLE offers incomparable machinery. The 22′ running surface as well as the weight capacity for 400lbs also makes this a game changing treadmill for the industry. The price is perfect for the treadmill truly making it a “best buy”.

The SOLE F85 treadmill is known as the best folding running machines on the planet.